Wiki Women Camp 2023

About WikiWomenCamp 2023

WikiWomenCamp 2023 will be bringing together individuals who identify themselves as women from different countries of the Wikimedia movement, leaders of their respective communities and with strong experience and proven engagement with the gendergap topic. This year's theme is "Map Up, Rise Up".

  • Bridging the gender gap
  • Mentorship Opportunities
  • Gender gap in editor representation
  • Advance Wiki training
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  • Location New Delhi, India
  • Date & Time 10am - 7pm, 20-22 Oct 2023
  • Speakers TBD
  • Seats TBD Partcipants

Why You Should Join?

We intend to provide an enriching experience and quality information,
ideas and collaboration for participants to explore in the future.

Bridging The Gap

Future of women in the movement along with a primary focus to bridge the gender gap.


Battling Harassment

We plan on actions to combat harassment and creating efficient and responsive support groups


Global Event

Facilitate connections and mentorship opportunities for movement leaders across the globe.


Get Inspired

We hope to have a broad representation from around the world, with many experiences to be shared.


Networking Session

Ceate a group of like-minded from people within the Wikimedia movement and other aligned organizations,


Meet Faces

The offline event will be bringing people together which can help people meet and make a great connection for future work.


Meet the COT

The team behind WWC2023.

Chinmayee Mishra (She/Her)

Conference Lead

Chitraparna Sinha (She/Her)

Engagement Design (Strategy Cohort)

Nitesh Gill (She/Her)

Regional Engagement



Afek Ben Chahed (She/Her)


Praveen Das (He/Him)


PSL Prasanna (She/Her)


Camelia Boban (She/Her)

Program (Strategy Cohort)

Nazia Akhtar (She/Her)


Nhu Phan (She/Her)

Strategy Cohort Design

Nivas Ramisetty

Nivas Ramisetty (He/Him)

Conference Coordinator

Meet the Team


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  • New Delhi, India